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Frequently Asked Questions

I am totally overwhelmed.  How can you help?

Our founders started this company because they, too, were saddled with all the responsibilities of caring for their parents and not knowing where to turn.  We know you are stressed.  We have come across every conceivable situation and are trained to help you get your loved one's care under control quickly.

Who normally hires us?

It is usually one of two types of people.  Primarily, we are called upon by the children of those that need care.  These clients of ours, called the sandwich generation, have both their own children and parents to care for.  Secondly, we are brought in by discharge nurses, social workers and case managers from hospitals and other health organizations.

How does Eldercare compare to a nursing home?

Nursing homes are a necessary part of the health care picture for the elderly.  However, we believe in helping people delay or completely avoid the necessity of having to reside in one.  Staying with family in comfortable surroundings is usually a better environment for loved ones.  Nonetheless, we work with many nursing homes by supplying extra care for loved ones staying there.

Do you provide medical care?

No, we don't.  But, if it is needed we will coordinate with our network of the best providers in the area to make sure that any type of help you need is seamlessly integrated into your loved-ones plan of care.

What if both my parents need help?

No problem.  We often take care of two people at a time.  We do charge a few extra dollars per hour, though.

How do we know your aides are qualified?

Of course, we screen them, check backgrounds, bond them, pay them well, and observe them closely.  After being in business for 16+ years, we have been able to assemble a staff of great people with very little turnover, which is a rarity in this business.

What are your fees?

For hourly care, we charge between $18-$19 per hour.    Please note that we charge time and a half for holidays, including Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

How do your costs compare to similar organizations?

Our fees are comparable to those of Medicare-certified agencies and other types of competitors.  However, we can offer better compensation to our home health aides, because we are not burdened with the high expenses that go with Medicare reimbursement.

How are you paid?

Typically, we are paid directly by the families that hire us.  In addition, Long Term Care Insurance, Accident Insurance (i.e. rehab from a car accident) and some other government aid organizations cover our fees.  We invoice weekly and accept checks and credit cards for payment.

Are you covered by Medicare?

We have chosen to be a private-pay agency.  Fulfilling paperwork and reporting requirements drive costs to the point that we can not afford to hire quality home care aides.  The vast majority of the services we provide are not covered under Medicare reimbursement guidelines as they are not considered medical care.